I recently saw a church building with a cornerstone that says “founded in 1908.” How remarkable to think that, by God’s grace, the generosity and sacrifice of people generations ago has enabled a church family to still be transforming its community today!


Fall 2021 is that sort of pivotal time in the life of our church. We are starting a season of celebration and change, looking back with gratitude at our first 10 years and looking forward with anticipation to God’s hopeful future. We are launching our campaign to secure financial commitments for a building, and we are maturing into a free-standing local church called Storyhill. The name of our campaign is also a fitting banner for this entire season: Established in Love.


We have, for several years, sensed God leading us to put down permanent roots in our community – and the pandemic has only reemphasized the importance of this. And yet, I want to make sure we are crystal clear: a church building is not the holy grail.


However, a church building is:

       *A tool for long-term vibrant ministry in this community

       *An opportunity to regularly welcome and serve our neighbors, including the most vulnerable (on Sundays and throughout the week)

       *A collective human endeavor, meaning everyone will like different aspects and no one will think it is perfect

       *Our church family’s step of faith, praying that God will use us and our efforts to change lives for generations to come


What if our first 10 years is only the beginning? What if the God stories that we have heard for the last decade will be replicated – and built upon – for decades to come? What if? ...


So now I turn to you. The goal of this campaign is two-fold: the spiritual growth of our congregation - growing closer to Jesus by taking fresh steps of faith - and reaching our $4.8 million commitment goal. Take time to read the pages of this website, talk with your family (if applicable), pray and seek God's guidance, and make a generous and sacrificial commitment using the page on this website "how to give".

I hope you will read this website, especially the God Stories, as a devotional - an opportunity to grow closer to Jesus and dream about the future as we pray together:


Lord, may I and my church family be “rooted and established in love.” (Eph 3:17)